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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business,tech and finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today.Trading volume of the centralized exchange aggregators surge to new highs ebay accidentally bandssome user accounts, California is consuming half of the oil coming out of theAmazon rainforest, and he crypto investment platform stacked just to to your thirty fivemillion bucks. Let's jump right into it. So over the past few weeks,the trading volume on some of the most famous decentralized exchanges, or DEX, has they've reached new highs. The most prevalent DEX aggregators to experienced surgein the last month, where one inch, Paris swap and zero x. Accordingto the firm Dune analytics, or over, the total volume of thesethree decks aggregators is hit a cumulative weekly all time high of six billion dollarsin the last week loan. It means fifty percent growth since the beginning ofNovember. Among the centralized exchange aggregators, one inch is gaming market share.Currently one inch holds fifty percent market share, followed by zero X, which isquickly catching up to one inch, with forty two percent recorded market shareat the start of December. Data from...

Dune showed that on December five zeroextra past one inch in terms of daily volume share, with forty nine percentcompared to forty three point seven percent. According to zerox tracker, it isprocessed three billion in volume over the last seven days. Over all, thesestats indicate that more and more traders are turning to DEX aggregators to seek outthe best rate for token swaps. Next Story. Ebay accidentally banned some useraccounts. So on December third ebay accidentally suspended a few user accounts. Thee commerce marketplaces acknowledge the issue, saying that users who are accidentally banned hadreceived a notification so they can resolve the problem. Soon after the issue,several social media users started blasting out on twitter other social media platform saying theywere banned from Ebay despite not actually violating any rules. A few users alsoclaim that EBA canceled their bids on products they had already purchased, some ofwhich were with the buy it now feature, which use it means US can buythat product out right. In justification for these bands, the users saidthat they got an email from ebase,...

...saying that they put the Ebay communityat risk. However, when users contact at ebay customer service, the bandswere upheld, though no additional information was provided as to why they were banned. Although ebay has acknowledge the issue, it's not clear as to how manyusers were accidentally banned, but we can presume it was a mass suspension thatcaused or that was caused by some sort of glitch and Ebay's algorithm, giventhe amount of negative sentiment online. Next Story. California is consuming half theoil from the Amazon rainforce. So, according to a new reports shared withthe NBC News, California contems more oil from the Amazon than any other statein the nation. Findings from the report by the Environmental Group Stand Dot Earthand Amazon huch revealed that on average, one and every seven tanks of gas, diesel or fuel pumped in southern California last year came from the Amazon rainforest. The report further stay a states that amongst the top twenty five largest corporateconsumers are companies such as Costco, Pepsico and Amazon. The not the forest, the the actual organization. The report... at half of the oil drillin the Amazon is and chipped to the state of California, a large portionof which is sent to the nation's top through your fineries, Marathon, Chevronand Valera, which are all located in the state. Overall, the USis the biggest consumer of oil taken from beneath the Amazon on the planet.The report says that about ninety percent of the crude oil extracted from the Amazoncomes from Ecuador, and sixty six percent of that oil is then exported tothe United States. And lastly, the CRYPTO investment platform stacked just secure thirtyfive million bucks. So stacked is a crypto investment platform. They've raised thirtyfive million bucks in a series a funding round. The finding was code ledby by bit and bit Dow partner Morana Ventures. Alongside Alameda. The roundalso saw participation from fidelity international strategic ventures, drw venture capital, alumni ventures andjump capital. Founded in two thousand and nineteen by Joel Birch, stackedis a US based automated cryptocurrency investment platform enabling anybody to invest in Crypto cryptoindexes, access trading bots and automate port...

...folio management. Platform is automated.Over ten billion dollars worth of transactions for tens of thousands of new investors intwo thousand and twenty one. In addition to start up is also secured aregistered investment advisor status with the US sec this year, in part preparation towiden its product offerings. To start up makes money by charging a percentage feeon transactions in its two sided open market place which sells automated trading strategies.Stack will use the latest proceeds to double its forty person employee based in thenext six to eight months and invest in user acquisition, growth and marketing.And in other news from around the Internet, the metaverst based virtual land sales aredominating nft sales in the last week so, according to data from nonfungiblecom, there has been more than three hundred million dollars in nft sales overthe past week. The data further shows at almost a quarter of the totalsales went to digital land in the metaverse sandbox. And lastly, can youbased community led marketplace? Parity raises two point eight five million dollars. Prettyis a Co community led market place.

They have raised two point eighty fiveand it's seed funding round. The round is led by Harlem capital and alsoinclude a participation from better ventures, accelerate adventures, diverse angels, Avg,Base Camp and new general market partners. anyways, that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found value in this, share this with oneother person. They can go subscribe for daily business, Tech and Finance Newsand newsletter dot Roy overloadedcom. Have a great day. I'll see it tomorrow.

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