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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott Declare. This is what's making us today. Russia finds Google nearly one hundred million dollars for failing to delete illegal content. Turkey's financial authority finds finance Turkey over non compliance, the robotic research company Secures Two hundred and twenty million dollars in series a funding, and China's industrial profit plunges due to a fall in raw material prices. Let's jump right into it's a first story of the day. Russian court has handed Google a huge find, a seven point dow billion rubles, or one hundred million dollars approximately, over the tech giants failure to remove a legal content in the country. The huge find comes as Russia tries to build pressure on foreign tech companies that are operating within the countries and wants to have more control over the companies themselves as well as the content that's published on their platforms. Recently, Russian authorities have accused several global companies of not moderating their content properly. So far, companies include Meta, twitter and Google. They've all been fined, with fines ranging from tens to millions of dollars. Apart from this, Russia has already banned several companies and websites that have failed... comply with the country's laws and have refused to cooperate with regulators in the country. Companies such as daily motion, Linkedin Nord VPN, express VPN, amongst others, have already been banned in Russia and addition, Russia has also introduced a new law that requires computer, smartphones and other gadgets sold in the country to have pre installed domestic software and APPS. Moving over to Crypto, Turkey's financial authority finds binance over non compliance. So the financial crimes investigation boarder, M as is, a K of Turkey, which is serving as Turkey's financial intelligence unit under the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, is find finance Turkey eight million Lir, or seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, for failing to comply with the come countries regulations. The Financial Agency undertook an audit of law number five, five four nine on the prevention of laundering proceeds of crime, also known as a m L LAWLER or antimonder money laundering law. According to the ANADULO agency, a local news and media agency. After the investigation, Masak found crypto exchange binance Turkey's operations responsible for violating the country's laws intending to...

...prevent the money laundering gained through criminal means. M L law requires all CRYPTO agencies and Turkey to identify and verify personal information of customers, like name, surnamed data, birth etc. On their platform or over the law also requires businesses to immediately inform the government about suspicious activities and transactions within ten days. Amidst all this, Turkey is planning to bring in a crypto law, as President Erdogan has announced the completion of a crypto law draft that will soon be handed over to the parliament for approval and start up. News. Robotic research just secure two hundred and twenty million dollars in series a funding so robotic research, a self driving technology company, is raised two hundred and twenty million in a series a funding round led by Softbank, Vision Fund to and enlightenment capital. The finding also saw participation from Crescent Cove Advisors, Henry Crown and company and Luminar, a light our company founded in two thousand and two robotic research has become a leading provide eider of autonomous and robotic technology to improve the safety, security and effectiveness of transportation operations. The company has delivered autonomous mobility and...

...robotic solutions to defense and other public sectors, as well as well as private sectors. United States based company is historically automated trucks for the US Army and Navy, operating in the areas that don't have gps, good communication or aligned or defined roads. The Robotic Research Company has already deployed as technology widely and will use this capital towards expanding and industrializing commercial operations. And Two thousand and twenty two, the company is also planning to deploy autonomous vehicles for Canada's logging industry, as well as several other agricultural vehicles. In addition, it is also working on pilot projects using yard dogs or trucks in distribution yards. And lastly, a China's industrial profit plunges due to a fall in raw material prices. So in the industrial companies in China grew at a much slower rate in November, mainly due to the fall of in prices of some raw materials, weaker consumer demand and faltering property market. According to the Statistics Bureau. The...

...profits in November increase nine percent year over year to eight hundred five point nine six billion one, or a hundred twenty six point five four billion, US d well off the twenty four point six percent gain witnessed in October. Moreover, the January to November period, the industrial companies profits increased thirty eight percent in year over a year to seven point nine eight trillion one, which is lower than the forty two point two percent gain observed in the first ten months of two thousand and twenty two. The country's red hot inflation normalized slightly in November, mainly due to the government's efforts on controlling commodities prices. China, which is lost momentum after a strong recovery from the pandemic the previous year, will face several challenges like supply chain issues, failing consumer and diminished consumer spending, amongst other fact in addition, China's property distress will also impact the steel sector, as the production of glass, cement and household appliances will remain volatile because of the drop in demand. And another news from around the Internet.

There are only one point three million bitcoins left on crypto exchanges. So, according to the latest analysis by Crypto rank, there's only six point three percent of total bitcoin supply left on the Wallet Exchanges. The six point three percent figure recorded in December is the lowest recorded figure of Bitcoin left on exchange wallets since two thousand and twenty one. And the API Security Company, Salt, is planning to raise a hundred and twenty two hundred fifty million dollars. So salt security, it's an API security company. The planning to raise one hundred and twenty one and fifty million out of valuation of one point five billion. The funding is led, as supposedly going to be led, by Alphabets Independent Growth Fund capital G anyways, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found value in this, share this with one of the person they can go subscriber daily business, techn Finance News, that newsletter Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see it tomorrow.

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