Rivian Postpones Deliveries of Vehicles 馃殭 With Big Battery Packs to 2023


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today. Rivan postpones the deliveries of vehicles with large battery packs to two thousand and twenty three. Riot teams has to pay a hundred million dollars in a sexual harassment case. Elon Musk offloads over one billion dollars worth of stock and last pass and eyes that there are any incidents that could have compromised their users master passwords. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day. The electric vehicle maker Riviean has announced it will delay the delivery of it's our onet electric pickup truck and our one s suv with larger battery packs in two thousand and twenty three. The company CEO, ARJ scarrange, informed customers in an email. rifviewing is prioritizing the trims of its adventure package trucks with the regular battery first. The lower end explorer package, as well as the larger battery truck packages, will come later on. The company has received Seventy Onezero preorders for the R one T and R one as trucks in the United States. And Canada. The majority of these...

...pre orders are for a smaller battery pack version, delivering three hundred and fourteen miles of distance on a single charge. Such a company wants to serve the largest number of customers possible by prioritizing orders for the smaller battery pack models. These will be delivered in two thousand and twenty two. Following this, a company will focus on completing the explorer package pre orders and vehicles with larger battered pack of figurations. In Two thousand and twenty three, vehicles with a larger battery pack and deliver a distance of four hundred miles on a single charge. Right Games has to pay a hundred million dollars in a sexual harassment case. So the video game making company Rye Games has agreed to pay one hundred million dollars to settle gender based discrimination lawsuit with California State Agencies and current and former female and women employees. The gender basiscrimination class action lawsuit was filed in two thousand and eighteen. They accused the company of placing women in lower paying jobs, paying women less than men for similar work and ignoring women for promotion. In addition, the lawsuit also accused right of creating a workspace environment that harassed...

...women employees. The case was on track for a ten million dollar settlement two thousand and nineteen, but the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Block the agreement, saying that the earlier settle amount set settlement amount was not sufficient. Now the company will have to pay eighty million dollars to all the current and former full time women employees and temporary agency contracts that can prise of the individuals that are part of the class action lawsuit and edition. The company will pay twenty million dollars for attorney fees and Mislaney's expenses. Where over, the company is also agreed to fund a diversity and inclusion program Elon Musk just sold at offloaded over one billion dollars worth of stock. So testless CEO Elon Musk and sold another nine hundred thirty four thousand and ninety shares worth one point zero two billion dollars, as he nears his goal of divesting a ten percent stake in the company. In addition, Musk also exercised options to buy nearly one point six million shares at a strike price of six dollars and twenty four cents per share, which was offered to him through a...

...two thousand and twelve compensation packet. With this, Musk has offloaded about fifteen point eight million Tesla share since the number seven, when he first posted a pull on twitter asking whether he should sell his ten percent stake in the electric car maker. Although more than fifty percent of Musk's twitter followers answered yes to the poll, he had already said in September that he will likely sell some of his shares and will exercise a huge block of options by the end of this year. UN total, the sales of his stocks have been worth over sixteen billion dollars. In Two thousand and twenty one the shares of Tesla saw a massive increase in more than fifty percent, making musk the richest person in the world. A few months ago, Musk's and net worth was over three hundred billion, but now his net worth is about two hundred and seventy five billion dollars. And lastly, last past denies that there were any incidents that could have compromised their users master passwords. So the online password manager platform last pass I said that there is no proof of a security breach. After several users reported they were notified of unauthorized log and attempts and a hacker news form.

Several users said that their master passwords for last pass had been compromise. However, it is still not known how the pass of Rsulin, but a similar report has come out amongst users. That looks like several reports have come from users having outdated last pass accounts. This means that they did not use the platform for a certain period of time and also did not change their master passwords. It's also suggests that the master password list which is now being used to try and crack these individuals accounts may have come from a previous hack. Last passes said that it has not found any suspicious activity on its servers, as it doesn't store passwords on its servers, let alone master passwords. So if you are a last pass user facing log and attempts, just try changing your master password. However, there has been no official statement as to why this happened from last past themselves. And lastly, other news from around the Internet, Ke mobile reportedly suffered another cyber attack. So Telecom Company t mobile...

...has reportedly suffered another cyber attack after being hit by a huge data breach incident in August this year. Whoever, this time the damage appears to be less severe. Is only a few customers seem to have been affected. anyways, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed if you found value in this, share this with one other person. They can go subscribe for daily business, tech and finance news and news letter to Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see it to.

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