Pinterest Will Spend $50M ๐Ÿ’ฐ on Developing Diverse & Inclusive Workplace to Settle a Lawsuit โš–


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Welcome to Roy Overload, daily business, tech and finance news and Scott declary. This is what's making us today. Pinterest is going to be spending fifty million dollars on developing a diverse and inclusive workplace to settle a lawsuit. US banking regulators are finally setting a deadline for crypto regulation. The United States takes a tough stance against dozens of Chinese companies on account of National Security, and coin base acquires part of BRD's team to work on its wallet. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day. Pinterest is going to be spending a lot of money, fifty million bucks on developing diverse and inclusive workplaces to settle a lawsuit. In November, of two thousand and twenty one of Pinterest stakeholders filed the lawsuit against the image sharing and social media service. The stakeholder claimed that the social media giant failed to take any action against the complaints regarding rampant race and gender discrimination. The complaint especially accused the CEO of the company of marginalizing women and their opinions. A challenged the white male panel...

...of Pinterest board members to set of the lawsuit pinterest is now agreed to spend fifty million dollars to make it to workplace ecosystem more diverse and inclusive. On top of that, despite a nondisclosure agreement, the company agreed to let the effected People Speak About the discrimination they faced. In crypto news, US banking regulators are setting a deadline for regulating crypto. So, according to a joint statement issued by the Federal Reserve, the federal depots, as it in transcorporation, and the controller of the currency, their goals to clarify the rules and regulations regarding banks use of crypto assets in the coming year. According to the agencies, they want to make sure that, when it comes to crypto related activities, banks will operate responsibly. Their primary objective is to define expectations around how the banks should handle crypto currency allow customers to obtain cryptocurrency and to create their own stable coins. The OCC was quick to make a move. The acting controller issued a letter in closing all decisions that they made in two thousand and twenty and two thousand and twenty one prior to entering certain cryptosegments. Banks...

...will now need permission from these regulators. The United States is taking a tough stance against dozens of Chinese companies, and the US government has now blacklisted several Chinese companies. On Wednesday, because of quoted national security and Policy Concerns, eight Chinese companies were blacklisted for allegedly assisting the Chinese government in their quantum computing efforts. The officials in the US were always at the opinion that the Chinese companies are operating to draw sensitive information for the Republic of China. However, the Chinese Communist Party is previously declared that they do not ever indulge or encourage industrial espionage. Global Trade and commerce should support peace, prosperity and good paying jobs, not national security risk, said Gina Rain Moto, the US A secretary of Commerce. And lastly, coin base is going to be acquiring part of BRD's team to work on its own wallets. So earlier this week BRD's...

...owner and founder had announced that part of the company's team would be moving to coin base in order to continue working on crypto wallets. Coin base made announcement as well on twitter, adding that this move will help them accelerate web three adoption and provide self custody expertise the BRD CEO, Adam Trademan, and cofounder Aaron wasine reiterated that there will be no changes in the BRD wallet APP and the funds are safe and secure as always. The founder and CEO also added in the future brd wallet users will have an optional migration path to self custody with the coin base wallet. And in other news from around the Internet, the crypto lending platform Celsius expands funding to seven hundred and fifty million dollars. So, on account of the oversubscription of the company's last capital Rais, Celsius will expand it's October funding to seven hundred fifty million dollars. Already valued at three point five billion dollars through the previous funding rounds, is believed that Celsie's has valuation will go up to seven billion to ten billion, in that range,... two thousand and twenty two. anyways, that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed you found value in this news letter. Share with one other person to can go subscribe for daily business, Tech and Finance News and newsletter dot Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see it tomorrow.

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