NFT Users Increasing ⬆️ in Japan 🇯🇵, With 26% of Users Saying They Have Already Used NFTs


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making use today. and FT users are increasing in Japan. There was a survey from a cryptome change that says that up to twenty six percent plus users are already into nfts. The mania for tick talk like feed continue. Spotify is trying to figure out how to incorporate it into their platform. The child the Challenger Bank, Jeffa, just secured two million and funding. It's a woman focused bank. They're eyeing a lacktan and Caribbean expansion and online sales may surpass a record two hundred billion dollars after Thanksgiving weekend, according to adobe analytics. Let's jump right into it. So first story the day. and FT users are increasing in Japan. A recent survey Japan highlighted and increased interest amongst Japanese crypto users for NFTS. Under research undertaken by Bit Bank, a Japanese crypto exchange operator, one and four crypto users in Japan have tried out nfts between October twenty six and November one. The crypto exchange...

...surveyed two thousand and sixty one crypto users to understand the affinity in the country for NFTS. Some of the surveys respondents were bit banks clients and some were just random users who took part in the survey through twitter. Most of the users who invested in nfts did it considering long term potential. They see nfts as something that could appreciate in value in the long term. The mania for tick talk, like feeds, continue spotifies to figure how to incorporate into their platform. So, as per a tech crunch report, spotify is experimenting with full screen videos like ticktock on its Beta IOS APP. The test features enable its users to like a video while they're scrolling through this fet spotify confirmed that they are currently testing the feature in a statement given a tech crunch, but they did not disclose when they're planning to roll out this feature to their main APP. The woman Focus Challenger Bank, Jeffa, just secure two million and funding so to offer banking services to women in Latam and Caribbean. JEFFA raises...

...two million in this is their seed round. The interesting Jeffa services in both the Tam and the Caribbean region can be gaged from its waiting list, as over a hundred and fifteen thousand women have signed up to use services when live. Many leading VC's and angel investors participated in Jeffa's seed funding round, which includes foundation capital, DSC Global, Fins Adventures, C s adventures and many others. Some of the leading angel investors to participate in the round include Riccardo Shaffer, John Paul or lack, Alan Arguello, Daniel Bill Bao and JP Duke. Initially, Jeffa will roll out its services in Mexico, then Columbia and then Central America and lastly, according to a recent report by adobe analytics, online sales are set to surpass a record high of two hundred billion dollars throughout November and December. That being said, online sales on Thanksgiving were lower than expected, at five point one billion. It is similar to the online sales recorded on the day of Thanksgiving in two thousand and twenty. Adobe expects... sales this season to reach roughly two hundred and seven billion, which is over a ten percent year on year growth rate. As for the combined volume of sales online and offline this season in the US, is expected to be between eight hundred and forty three point four billion dollars. In eight hundred fifty nine billion dollars and in other news from around the Internet, CRYPTO transactions in Russia amount to roughly five billion dollars each year. So the Bank of Russia drew attention to how crucial Russia is for the two point eight trillion dollar global crypto market and its recent review and report on the countries financial stability, Russia Central Bank stated the Crypto transaction volume is at an estimated five billion dollars in Russia and cited estimates from local banks to back its claims. And lastly, the angel lists of Clevin for VC's and angel investors of that Bon raises six point three million dollars. So the London based of a bond is a platform...

...offering tools that enable venture capital and Angel investors to raise capital and invest in startups. The start up recently secured six point three million dollars in funding to strengthen its tech and regulatory infrastructure. anyways, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found value in this, share this with one other person. They can go subscribe for daily business, Tech and Finance News and newsletter dot Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see it tomorrow,.

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