Metaverse Land Sales Volume Surpass $106M 💰 Last Week


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today. Metavers land sales surpass a hundred and six million dollars in volume last week. There are tons of money making opportunities for Tick Tock creators as the social media giant rolls out a new feature. SHIFT SMART, a platform connecting shift workers with employers, secures ninety five million dollars in funding. And the CRYPTO space dominates the finance segment of Forbes thirty under, thirty two thousand and twenty two edition. Let's jump right into it. So the metavers land sales volume, Mr Pass a hundred sixty million dollar, hundred and six million dollars. If you've been wondering what the next hottest segment in the crypto world after NFT's is, well your answer is right here. It's going to be the metaverse. There has been so much of a craze for Meta versus are metavers focused projects since facebook's name changing exercise that for...

...leading Meta hurs projects have registered to record sale of one hundred million dollars last week. DAPED are a popular decentralized applications and aalytics platform, recorded on up search in activity on four leading metavers projects, including the central land, the sandbox, somnium, space and crypto vocals. The DAP analytics platform found that these metaphors projects combined sold virtual land worth one hundred and five point eight million dollars in one week, with over six thousand traders taking part in the transaction. These sales were recorded between November twenty two and November twenty eight. In social media. And who's it's raining money making opportunities for tick tock creators as a social media giant rolls out a new feature. Tick Tock just made an announcement in its news room that the social media platform will be rolling out monetization features in a single hub known as Creator next. They are making changes to the available monetization tools available on the platform. Amid the competition amongst various social... giants who attract the best creators, Tick Tock is leaving those stone unturned to retain its creators and prevent them from making moves to other platforms. Considering that the social media platforms like Instagram, facebook and Youtube are doling out thousands of dollars to attract creators, to their platform. Takes talks decision to increase money making opportunities for creators is a strategic decision to retain its market share. Back in two thousand and nineteen, when tick talk launched, its creators found it difficult to make money through the platform. The only way they could make money was to find a sponsorship opportunities outside of Tick Tock. Sensing the demand amongst creators, ticktock launched a two hundred million dollar Creator Fund and since then, the short form video platforms rolled up many other initiatives to offer money making opportunities to creators. In Startup News, shift SMART, a platform connecting shift workers with employers, just secured ninety five million dollars in funding. So, thanks to the great resignation, we are in a job market that tips in...

...favor of workers. In such a tight labor market, employers are becoming increasingly reliant on digital platforms to connect with people looking for work. One platform that seems to you to double down on the up surge in demand for talent is shift smart, a New York based Labor Management Platform. Seeing the role that platforms like shift smart are playing in connecting workers with employers, investors are rushing to put their money into this talent market place. Just smart secured and ninety five million dollars series be funding round to expand it's on demand talent matching market place connecting hourly workers with open shift opportunities. The platform already has over five hundredzero workers across fifty countries. And lastly, in Crypto News, the CRYPTO space dominates the finance segment of the Forbes thirty under thirty two thousand and twenty two. Addition, so two thousand and twenty one is turning out to be a monumental year for the crypto verse. The crypto space is even making its presence felt in the coveted Forbes thirty under thirty list for the unknown or the uninitiated. Forbes thirty under thirty consists of six hundred individuals across twenty domains.

The finance segment of the two thousand and twenty two edition of the coveted list consists of eleven young leaders from the cryptospace. The list includes audious co founder and CEO Ronell Rumberg, edge and node cofounder Tigan Klein, slingshot co founder, are rather, founder Clinton Benbury and many others. The other segments of the Forbes thirty under thirty, consisting of young crypto leaders, include the art category, with pleasure Dow's Yang joining the list, whereas Michael a Polido and Jason Janowitz, Co founders of block workers, got granted access and recognition. In the media category and in other news from around the Internet, General Motor partners with POSTCO to build new cathode plants in North America. So the automobile giant has teamed up with the South Korean multinational company Pasco to build cathode plants in North America. With this move, General Motors is securing crucial raw materials...

...for producing electric vehicles. The company has announced that it will spend thirty five billion dollars on developing and producing electric vehicles by two thousand and twenty six. anyways, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found value in list, share this with one other person. They can go subscribe for daily business te Can Finance News that newsletter Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see it tomorrow.

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