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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today. Met Us as Fiftyzero users had their accounts spied on by a surveillance company. After successful IPO, the electric vehicle start up, Rivian is going to build a five billion dollar plant in Georgia. Russia is looking to impose a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies and tiger global invests in the Pakistani Book Keeping Start Up Credit Book. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day, Meta, formally facebook, says it is notified about Fiftyzero users on facebook and instagram that their accounts may have been spied on by surveillance for higher entities around the world. The company has done has announced this after conducting a comprehensive investigation. According to a post by Meta, users located in more than one hundred countries were targeted by seven different entities. The targets included individuals, politicians, human rights activists, journalists, critics...

...authoritarian regimes, dissidents and others. The surveillance for higher companies generally target people to collect intelligence, manipulate and compromise their devices and account counts. Across the Internet. The surveillance providers are based in China, India, Israel and North Macedonia. The seven entities included cobweb technologies, cognite, Black Cube and Blue Hawk, Ci Bell trucks, site trucks and an unknown entity in China. Meta is sending alerts almost fiftyzero users across more than one hundred countries who it believes was targeted by one of these entities. The social media giant also said that the surveillance was uncovered after a month months long investigation in which it identified spying groups and took action by removing them from the platforms. After a successful IPO, the eve start up, riving is going to build a five billion dollar plant in Georgia. This will be Rivan second assembly plant in the country. The Amazon backed electric vehicle start up announced on December sixteen alongside state representatives,...

...after months of speculation over where Rivan would look to expand its manufacturing footprint. The company will start construction of its plant in the summer of two thousand and twenty two and expects to start manufacturing vehicles and its plant by two thousand and twenty four. RIVVYAN's new facility in Georgia will have the capacity to manufacture up to four hundred thousand vehicles a year. Facility also expects to employ about seven thousand five hundred people, while the expansion is supposed to add a eight hundred two one thousand jobs in the next year. The EV startup can afford to invest in a new plant even before fully utilizing its Illinois plant, because it's investors believe the company will be one of the few new automakers that will succeed in the electric vehicle market. Russia is looking to impose a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. So the Central Bank of Russia is seeking to ban cryptocurrency investments, citing risks of financial stability and the exploding volume of transactions. If the band is imposed, it would prevent future CRYPTO transactions. However, it would not enforce the current crypto holders to divest their portfolios. The move would also...

...aligned with the remarks made by Russian President Bladman Prutin last month, who state that the cryptocurrencies bear high risks at an investment form in Moscow. Currently, the Central Bank is preparing an advisory report on the issue. However, conflicting report has emerged as Antolli Aksakov, chairman of the Duma, or Russian parliament committee on financial markets, has voiced his support for cryptocurrencies. In addition, he supported cryptocurrency mining regulations in the country, citing factors such as mining taxation and business electricity consumption. The possible crackdown of the Russian Central Bank comes on the heels of China increasing its effort suband crypto mining. Earlier this year. The Russian Russia, as Russia contemplates, is larger band. The Central Bank issued new rules for mutual funds in the country earlier this week, noting funds were prohibited from investing in cryptocurrencies. And lastly, tiger global invest in a Pakistani booking startup called a credit book. So credit book is a Pakistan based FINTEX start up providing digital bookkeeping services. They've raised eleven million in a pre...

...series a funding round led by tiger global and first minute capital. The round also saw participation from better tomorrow ventures, banana capital venture, souk ratio ventures and eye to eye ventures, in addition to Angel Investors Sphere, Ram Krishnan and Julian Shapiro. The funding also marks the first ever investment from tiger global and Firstman of capital in Pakistan's start up ecosystem, found in two thousand and twenty by Hassid Malik, a man Jamal and Hisham Adam Gee. Credit Book is a Fintech company serving Pakistan's burgeoning, yet underserved micro, small and medium businesses. The startup aims to tap the rising adaption of digital financial services in the country, especially after the onset of the covid nineteen pandemic. The FINTEX startup estimates that there is a forty five billion dollar worth of UNMET FINANCING GAPS among small businesses in Pakistan. Credit Book will use the latest proceeds to focus on value added features for cash flow management and to strengthen it's positioning among small... owners. And in other news from around the Internet, the French regulators order clear view ai to delete facial recognition data. So CNIL, the data privacy watchdog of France, has ordered facial recognition start up clear view ai to delete all its data relating to French citizens. According to the regulator, the controversial AI startup is being used as a search engine for faces by various intelligence agencies, and the company does not ask for any prior consent of those whose images it collected online. And lastly, instagram is going to allow users to embed profiles on websites. INSTAGRAM is introducing a new feature that will allow users to embed a miniature version of their profiles on websites such as blogs and portfolios. The new feature is currently available only in the United States, for now anyways. That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed you found value in this. Share this with one other person. They can go subscribe for daily business t can finance news and newsletter dot Roy overloadcom. Have a great day.

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