Majority of NFT-related Transaction ๐Ÿ“ฅ๐Ÿ“ค Comes From Retail Buyers


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott Declare. This is what's making use today. The majority of nft related transactions comes from retail buyers. Samsung's mobile and Consumer Electronics Division merged together, PYOTA plans a new electric vehicle battery plant North Carolina, and a survey shows a huge spike in the number of Australians who own crypto. Let's jump right into it. So a new report by K analysis shows the more than eighty percent of all nonfundable token, or n few, transactions were worth less than tenzero. In Two thousand and twenty one, which is categorized as retail transactions. The report titled the Two Thousand and Twenty One nfte market explained further showed the more substantial transactions collector sized increased from six percent of March to ninety percent in October. In addition, less than one percent of all the transactions were institutional sized, but these transaction account of our twenty six percent of the total trading volume during that period. According to analysis, a collector sized transaction is worth between tenzero and one hundred thousand dollars, whereas an institutional size transaction is worth more than one hundredzero. The report revealed that institutions and the collectors account of for...

...the major share of nft transfer volume denominated in US dollars since March, whereover, retail transfers came to eleven percent of the volume and collector sized transactions made up sixty three percent of the volume for the same time period. studied. Overall shows that the NFTE market is far more retail driven than any traditional cryptocurrency market, where HIL transactions make up a negligible share of all transaction volume. Samson's mobile and Consumer Electronics Division merged together. They just merge two major business units in a huge restructuring. In addition to merging its business division, the company also replaced all of their CEOS. Samson his name John Key Han, the head of its TV business, as vice chairman and CO CEO of the newly merged mobile and Consumer Electronics Division. Samson President, Kaijian Chun, has also been named co CEO and will now lead its chip components division. Although the mobile business of Samsung generated the largest revenue for Samsung in the third quarter of two thousand and twenty one it's chip business also generated substantial revenue due to the increased demand for server drams and for computers in general during the pandemic.

Samson is aiming to become the number one chip contract manufacture with the next decade and has invested billions of dollars into the business. With this restructuring, Samsung aims the streamline it's business structure and names to strengthen its business competitiveness. TYOTA is planning to open a new electric vehicle battery plan in North Carolina. Tyota motors just announced that it will build a new one point two nine billion dollar battery plan for electric vehicles in North Carolina us. This announcement comes a few months after the Japanese automaker had earlier announced in October they will build an electric battery manufacturing facility in the United States, a key component in the company's plans to make seventy percent of its cars electric by the end of the decade. With this new manufacturing plant, I would expect to be capable of producing enough lithium ion batteries for two hundred thousand all electric and plug in hybrid electric vehicles, and production to schedule to begin in two thousand and twenty five. The company further plans to expand its battery production up to one point two million vehicles per year. The Electric Battery Manufacturing Plant North Carolina is expected to create one thousand seven hundred and fifty jobs in the state and the investment in the facility... scheduled through to two thousand and thirty one. While TYOTA has been slow to invest in all electric vehicles, it's moved to invest in the EV battery components, will reduce its costs and lower the risk of supply chain disruptions. And lastly, a huge a survey shows a huge spike, rather in the number of Australians who own crypto. So, according to a recent survey conducted by the Independent Reserves Crypto currency index, or IRCI, the percentage of Australians who own or have own cryptos reach twenty point eight percent in two thousand and twenty one, from eighteen point four percent in two thousand twenty two thousand and twenty one. RCI survey results show that the growth in a crypto sector is being driven by the positive experience of those who own crypto. The survey of more than two thousand participants showed that eighty nine percent of those surveyed said that they have made money or broke even, up from seventy eight percent in two thousand and twenty. Further the results of the server revealed that twenty eight point six percent of participants who don't currently own crypto said they would invest if there were better consumer protections in place, while another twenty six point six percent it said that they'd buy crypto if industry regulation was improved. Moreover, the research...

...also showed the Bitcoin is the most wellknown and popular cryptocurrency, with eighty nine one one percent of Australian surveyed saying they've heard of it and twenty one point one percent owning bitcoin. The second most popular crypto asset amongst AU three Australian survey is Atherium, at eleven percent reported ownership, from just five percent in two thousand and twenty and another news from around the Internet. Australian women owning crypto has also surged in two thousand and twenty one. So, according to the IRCI survey of two thousand Australians, a number of women who currently or have previously invested in Crypto has increased to twenty percent. Twenty twenty one from ten point three percent in two thousand and twenty. The survey also showed that the percentage of female bitcoin owners rose from eight point three percent in two thousand and twenty to fourteen point eight percent in two thousand and twenty. One and Jeff bezos gives four hundred forty three million dollars to climate groups in the Earth Fund Push. So the Bezos Earth Fund has announced that it has awarded forty four grants amounting to four hundred and forty three million dollars to organizations focused on climate justice, nature conservation and restoration, as well as tracking critical climate goals.

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