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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, te can finance news and Scott Declare. This is what's making news today. Less than one percent of all bitcoin holders control twenty seven percent of all circulating coins. Oracle is going to buy Cerner for over twenty eight billion dollars, the EA scooter start up void raises a hundred and fifteen million dollars, and Adida's debut and FT collection takes second place in the open sea and FT marketplace rankings. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day. Less than one percent of all bitcoin holders control twenty seven percent of circulating coins. So, according to a new study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Small Group of investors control the major supply of Bitcoin and circulation. The study found that zero, point zero one percent of all bitcoin holders control twenty seven percent of the supply. The research study said that Tenzero bitcoin accounts hold five million out of the nineteen million coins in circulation, which equates to roughly two hundred thirty two billion dollars,...

...and estimated a hundred fourteen million accounts hold bitcoin globally, which equals more concentrated wealth than the one percent of the richest Americans, who currently control about one third of all US dollars, an amount that many suggest is an indicator of massive inequality. In addition to study also found what Bitcoin was spent on. The report reveals at ninety percent of BITCOIN transactions are not a result of users purchasing something with the currency, but instead transactions between a single users own crypto accounts. Of the remaining ten percent of transactions, three percent of them are linked to scams, illegal transactions or gambling. The majority of the ten percent is related to transactions between different types of trading desks and exchanges representing institutional investors. The report added as well, Oracle is going to buy Serner for over twenty eight billion dollars, or on deceparate twenty. Oracle and Serner operation jointly announced any an agreement that Oracle will acquire serner through an all cash tender offer for ninety five dollars per share, or approximately twenty eight point three billion dollars...

...in value. CERNER is the leading US provider of healthcare information technology solutions, offering its clients a dedicated focus on healthcare and end to end solution and service portfolio and proven market leadership. The deal is expected to complete in two thousand and twenty two, subject to receiving certain regulatory approvals and satisfying other closing condition including the cerner stockholders tendering a majority of serners out standing chairs in the tender offer. With his acquisition, Oracle's corporate mission expands to assume the responsibility to provide are overworked medical professionals with a new generation of easier to use digital tools that enable access to information via hands free voice interface to secure cloud applications, said Larry Ellison, chairman and chief technology officer at Oracle. It's new generation of medical information systems promises to lower the administrative work globe burdening our medical professionals, prove patient privacy and outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs, he added.

In Start Up News, the e scooter startup voi raises a hundred and fifteen million dollars. So void technology and EA scooter startup based in Sweden has raised a hundred fifteen million dollars in an oversubscribed funding round, valuing the company at just over one billion dollars. The series the funding was led by rain group and VNV global and saw participation from other investors, including inbox capital, Nordic Ninja, sten ascessin and creos capital. The funding also saw new investors Il Marinen, nine yards equity and ICT capital, amongst others. In addition, entrepreneurs and operators from King A, veto, BCG and more also participated in this round. Founded in two thousand and eighteen by Frederick Helm Douglass Stark and Adam Jaffer, as well as Philip Lyndeval, Voi is a micromobility start up that provides electric scooters for last mile transportation, or company has achieved a hundred and forty percent year over year revenue growth in two thousand and twenty one, while increasing margins and profitability. The fresh funds will keep the company and help the company expand into new European markets and add more e bikes to their fleet.

Company also plans to launch a new eat scooter model, voyager five, which it claims will be the safest EA scooter model to date. And lastly, Adida's debut and FT collection takes second place in open sea ranking. So the first nft collection from ADIDA's originals into the metaverse project has generated eleven thousand three hundred ninety one e there Um, worth over forty three million dollars on open sea appear to peer market place for nfts, rare digital items and Crypto collectibles. When ranked by trading volume, this nft collection has reached a second spot on Openca after our tfkt's clone x and Takashi Murakami Collection. Adidas and partnership with Punks, comics, Board Eight Piach Club and g money, a pseudonym, a pseudonymous crypto enthusiasts, had put up about thirtyzero fts for sale, of which twentyzero copies of the phase one NFT's have been sold so far. Adidas said they made fifteen point five million during the early access mint that...

...had to pause and restart after several hours due to technical snags, with the mutant eight ape yacht club not being able to mint the NFT's. Owners of the MP's will get access to special physical goods like a Hoodie and a tracksuit warned by the board ape that ADIDA's owns. Amongst other upcoming digital projects and experiences, the buyers could also get a physical copy and version of the PUNK's comic issue number two. X marks the drop, a graphic story about all the characters in the collection and in other news from around the Internet. Meta files a lawsuit against fishing scams on its platform. So Meta, formally facebook, as filed a federal lawsuit in California Court to take action against individuals and groups running fishing scams on their platforms. The social media giant says that the lawsuit aims to destruct fishing attacks that are designed to trick people into sharing their login credentials on fake login pages for Facebook, messenger and instagram. anyways, that is if for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found value in this, share this with one other person. They can go subscribe for daily business,...

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