Investors ๐Ÿ’ฐ Gear up For The Biggest Inflation in Nearly Last Four Decades ๐Ÿ“‰


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott de Clary. This is what's making news today. Investors gear up for the biggest inflation in nearly four decades. Google will launch android games to Windows in two thousand and twenty two. Coin based users outside of the United States can now earn interest on cryptocurrencies, and General Motors will begin Silverado ev production in two thousand and twenty three. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day. Investors are gearing up for incredible inflation, some of the worst inflation in four decades. Wall Street has anticipated at the Consumer Price Index on December ten will reflect a zero point seven percent gain for the month of November, which will turn into a six point seven percent rise from a year ago. If the estimated rates are correct, it will mark the highest year over year inflation since the last forty years. On the morning of December ten, the Labor Department will publish Novembers Consumer Price Index, which is an estimate that...

...measures the cost of various products, including gasoline, ground beef, frozen vegetable flowers, indoor plants and other items. Although the increase is in inflation is not really news to the market. We're all kind of expecting it and we've heard these stories for a while. Investors have witnessed a range of data points in the recent months of demonstrate their biggest levels in decades. Actually, a few economists think that inflation go above and beyond that seven percent threshold. While the markets expect a high reading, investors are worried about the actions that the Federal Reserve will take in response this inflation. Google is going to be launching android games to Windows in two thousand and twenty two. So Google's announced it will bring android games to Windows Ten and windows eleven pcs in two thousand and twenty two in a statement Greg Hartrell, Google's product director of games, on android and Google play set. Starting in two thousand and twenty two, players will be able to experience our favorite Google play games on more devices, seamlessly switching between a phone, tablet, Chrome Book and soon, Windows PCs. This Google built product brings the best of Google play games to more laptops and...

...desktops and we are thrill to expand our platform for players to enjoy their favorite android games even more. The games running on Windows PC's will work natively and will not be streamed from cloud servers. This will help google to minimize the necessity for Fast Internet services and will allow Windows PC users to operate between their android phones, desktops or laptops. Google's announcement came months after Microsoft started testing android APPs on Windows Eleven PCs. It's also not clear off Google Microsoft are keen on a partnership to integrate their APPs with one another just yet. In encrypto news, coin based users outside of the United States can now earn interest on their cryptocurrency. So coin bases announced the launch of its first yield product, allowing users to earn interest from their holdings in a stable coin through a third party, you centralized finance platform. However, the feature is not currently available to users in the United States. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is said that users are more than seventy countries will be able to lend their day a stable coin whose value is tied to the US dollar, to borrowers from within it's...

APP. The earning process operates through a compound protocol, which automatically pools money from lenders and gathers interests on that money from borrowers. Although coin based is a centralized exchange platform. It has long term goals to bridge its users with the growing world of defy application. With this feature, coin based aims to make the system more user friendly. As lending through compound usually involves receiving multiple tokens, coin based says it will cover the transaction cost called gas fees, that users may have incurred by accessing compound independently. For now, the company has said that it will not charge any fees from users for its new product offering. And lastly, General Motors Begins Silverado EV production. General Motors has said that it's mainstream electric pick up will begin production in early two thousand and twenty three. According to Automotive News, ahead of the production of Silverado, GM will ramp up the launch of the GM see Hummer ev pick up vehicles, which it started to sell two weeks ago. Although the automaker has provided a few key details, it is not revealed more details on production and launch.

The Chevrolet Silverado Electric Vehicle will share the same drive train and battery technology as the Hummer and promises over four hundred miles of range and four wheel steering. The automaker has not announced pricing, options and accessories for its pickup. So some of the details are still to be decided. The SILVERADO EV will come over a year after rivals like, for F one hundred and fifty lightning and Tesla cyber truck were introduced and announced to the market. And in other news from around the Internet, Palm N FT Studios Raises Twenty seven million dollars in its latest funding round. So Palm N ft, a Crypto Startup, is raised twenty seven million and a series be funding round. Funding was led by Microsoft's Venture Fund and Twelve and include a participation from Griffin gaming partners, third kind venture capital. It's fear me on Urr, the Lao Warner Brothers and SK incorporated. anyways, that's it for today. Hope you found value.

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