Crypto Exchange Bitmart Loses Around $200 Million In a Hot Wallet Compromise ⛔


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Welcome to Roy Overload, daily business, tech and finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today. The CRYPTO EXCHANGE BITMART loses roughly two hundred million dollars in a hot wallet compromise. Pixel repair the phone leads to potential hacking. The New York based Internet startup massive raises eleven million dollars and spotify takes down a hundreds of comedians work. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day. The crypto exchange bitmarch just lost two hundred million dollars in a wallet compromise hack. So first brought to notice by Peck Shield, a blockchain security and data analytics company. The hack happened over the etherium and binance smart chain block chains. The hackers stole in a sorted mix of more than twenty tokens than included finance coin, safe, Moon BSC USD BNB, bpay baby, doge flow key and Moonshot. Later confirmed by the exchange, the EO, Sheldon Sheldon Zia, the hack strategy was a...

...straightforward case of transfer out, swap and wash. Another wellknown crypto lending platform, Celsius, also reported a fifty million dollar loss where the hackers compromise the centralized Finance Protocol Badger Dow. It suffered multiple exports of an authorized withdrawals of user funds. No news whether or not there's authorities involved or what next ups will be just yet. It just just happened. The Pixel repair leads to a potential hack. So Jane mcgonagall, a wellknown game designer and author, had sent her pixel five aid to Google for repair, to later discover that her device was hacked. As understood by mcgonagall, someone had used the missing phone to clear to FA authentication checks and log into several of her google accounts, including dropbox, Gmail and Google drive. The hacking activities resulted in mcgonagall receiving several email security alerts to her backup accounts. In an official media response, Google spokesperson Alex Morrissini has said that the company has been investigating the claim.

Similar incidents were reported in June this year when apple had to pay millions to a woman after a repair technician posted her nude photos to facebook. And Start Up News in New York based Internet start up massive raises eleven million dollars a point. Seventy two ventures led the round in collaboration with coin based ventures, crack and ventures, block tower capital and coin shares adventures. The round also witness participation from multiple angel investors, including me. Precede funding round of one point five million. The total funds raised by massive stands at twelve point five million dollars total. Founded by Jason Grat and Brian Kennes in two thousand and eighteen. Massive aims at allowing Internet users to pay for premium content by sharing their idle processing power. The startup has created an s DK allowing developers Tom Permit their visitors to share the spare computing power in exchange for premium features, content or services. The sharing of idle processing power will also help massive generate revenue by mining cryptocurrency, hosting blockchain infrastructure and performing computing tasks. And...

...lastly, spotify takes down hundreds of comedians work. So the dispute took place over royalties and copyright. Among the comedians whose work has been removed there are stars like Tiffany Haddish to Kevin Hart, John Milani and Jim Gaffagan. The aim of the COMEDIANS is to collect royalties for underlying composition copyrights of spoken word media. Spoken giants, a Global Rights Administration Company, is representing a bunch of high profile Comedians and negotiate terms for allowing the comics to be paid when their work is paid on or streamed on, platforms like spotify, series ex in Pandora and Youtube. According to a statement made by spotify, the platform believes that it has already paid significant amounts of money for the content and question and would love to continue to do so. And in other news around the Internet, Google photos locked photo feature rolls out on Non Pixel phone. So the feature promises to keep away sensitive photos from your main camera roll, so you can basically hide these photos in a locked photo album, Aka Vault on...

...your phone if they're a little bit more sensitive in nature. anyways, that's it for today. Hope you enjoy it. To be found value in this. Share this with one other person that can go subscriber daily business, techn finance news. That news letter to Roy overloadcom have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow.

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