CFTC Slaps Crypto Prediction Platform Polymarket With $1.4 Million Fine ❌


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business te can finance news of Scott Declare. This is what's making news today. The CFTC slaps the CRYPTO prediction platform poly market with a one point four million dollar fine. Apple becomes the first company to reach a three trillion dollar market cap. The canned waters start up liquid death raises seventy five million dollars in a series. See and Samsung is trying to tackle climate change with blockchain technology. Let's jump right into it's the first story of the day. The CFTC is imposed of fine of one point four million dollars on poly market on charges that the company fail to register with the regulator. In addition to CEEFTC is order the platform to close its various markets and give full refunds two users based in New York. Poly market is a decentralized crypto predictions platform allowing users to bet on the outcomes of event markets like Pro Sports Games and political elections via binary options contracts. The CFTC said that the platform was illegally offering event based binary options from June of two thousand and twenty.

The regulator also said that the company offered various event markets since its launch and binary options comprise swaps. Under the CFTC's jurisdiction, such services can only be offered on a registered exchange. However, poly market failed to obtained designation or register as a swap execution facility. Quoting quoting poly market, were pleased to confirm that we successfully agreed to a settlement with the CFTC and are excited to move forward and focus on the future of poly market. As per the order, the three markets lasting past one hundred and fourteen that don't comply with the act will be prematurely resolved more soon. This is poly market in an official tweet. Moving on, apple becomes the first company to reach a three trillion dollar market cap. On January third, apple became the first company across the glow, across the globe to hit three trillion dollar mark capitalization for dropping back slightly under the market the end of the day, first day of trading in the New Year, saw the iphone makers share reach an intraday record high of a hundred eighty two dollars and eighty eight cents, taking the company's market...

...value just above three trillion dollars. The company's share gained as much as three percent. However, the stock ended up the day up with two point five percent growth at a hundred and eighty two dollars and one cent. The market capitalization finished the day at two point ninety nine trillion dollars. Apple, which was once the most valuable company and is still one of the most valuable companies in the world, hit the landmark. As many investors hope, the company will keep launching new products and consumers will show out more money for the IPHONE, map books, amongst other products and services that the company offers. Apple shares the trillion dollar club with several other companies, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Tesla. In recent years, apple has also received the tag of the world's most valuable company that is traded publicly. In Startup News, the canned water startup liquid death, you may have seen on stores incredible branding. They've raised seventy five million dollars in its series see funding round led by studio... The funding also saw participation from power plant partners, live nation, nomadventures and access capital. Founded in two thousand and seventeen by John Ryan riggans and Mike's is area, liquid death is a US based can water company. The boasts a serving of one hundred percent mountain water from the Austrian Alps. It is the first bold and hilarious beverage brand focus on health and sustainability. The startups main products are still and sparkling water in an aluminum can. With its heavy metal themed and imagery, the company has gained a cult following. One of the key selling points of the companies that it has chosen aluminum cans over plastic bottles as they are indefinitely recyclable. Currently, the companies products are sold in over twenty ninezero locations throughout the US, including target whole foods seven eleven stores, amongst others. Liquid death will use the new funds to broaden its product line and expand into new markets. And Samsung is trying to tackle climate change with blockchain. So, in a significant development to address climate chain,...

Samsung Electronics America has announced at ces two thousand and twenty two that it will form a partnership with Vera Tree, a block chain based solution platform, to plant two million mangrove trees in Madagascar in the next three months. This initiative by Samson will be monitored with the help of a distributed ledger tech while veritory will utilize blockchain technology to manage the process of planting and verifying each plant a tree. Samsung's tree planting initiative is part of its nature based Action Plan on environmental sustainability, especially to capture as a quest or coot from the atmosphere. The company aims to restore about two hundred hectares of land it sequest or about one billion pounds of Cot from the atmosphere over a period of twenty five years. Samsung will work with local community members of Madagascars Mahajan got region, an area facing large deforestation, by hitting the goal of planting two million trees in q two thousand and twenty two. Samsung will work towards its initiative of investing in innovative technology and nature based solutions to combat climate chain and another things from around the Internet. The customer engagement start up Extel raises forty million dollars.

So the India based full stack customer engaging platform, ex Teli raised forty million dollars in a series d round. The funding, which is led by stead view capital, will be mainly utilized by the company to further build its customer engagement solution and to expand its presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asian markets. anyways, that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found value in this, share this with one other person that can go subscribe for daily business, Techn Finance News and news letter to Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see the.

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