Bitcoin Experiences the Lowest Monthly RSI πŸ“‰, After September 2020


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business that can finance news. I'm Scott Declare. This is what's making news today. Bitcoin experience is the lowest RSI after September of two thousand and twenty. BMW INTRODUCES E ink, a color changing paint technology. Tick Tock works with atmosphere to bring short form videos to TV in waiting rooms and lounges, and Google buys simplify, a cloud security firm for five hundred million dollars. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day. A crucial bitcoin men measure just hit its lowest point since the months following the market crisis in March of two thousand and twenty bitcoins. Relative strength and deck displays a hidden bullish divergence on monthly time scales, as spotted by popular analysts on June fifth. If it plays out, the results to be very favorable for a holdlers. They believe the current forty six thousand may fall lower, but the standard RSI metric already illustrates how over sold bitcoin is at that level. The monthly RSI for Bitcoin is currently lower than the May... July two thousand and twenty. One downturn noted a very notable and analyst, Matthew Highland, referencing bitcoin summer correction following the May minor upheaval, along with one month low is monthly RSI is also printing a pattern that has only been seen once before. According to detective, a fellow trader and analyst, BMW just introduced eating a color changing paint technology. So at the two thousand and twenty two consumer electronics show in LAWS VEGAS, German auto manufacture unveiled the new color changing pay technology that is more familiar with the kindle than you might assume at first appearance. So the color changing pain technology is making its premiere on a concept version of the BMW I x shown at CES, relying on EANC, the electric paper technology used in e readers and an old pebble watch. Many millions of microcapsules with a diameter equal to the thickness of a human hair are embedded on the surface coating of the BMW I x flow incorporating Eing.

Negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments are found in each of these microcapsule. Stimulation with an electrical field causes either white or black pigments to concentrate at the surface of the microcapsule, giving the automobile body the desired Hue. According to the firm, a white surface reflects a lot more sunlight than a black surface. By implication, by altering the exterior to a light hue, heating of the vehicle and passenger compartment as a result of bright sunshine and high outdoor temperatures could be, in theory, random minimized. Outside of the actual esthetic appeal of having something like this, Tick Tock is working with atmosphere to bring short form videos to TV's and waiting rooms and lounges. To Tick Tock has already invaded our phones and TV's at home. Still, it's next objective will be to ensure that if you can't get enough a cute pad videos, achievements and strangely pleasurable dance footage, it's going to be putting this stuff in waiting rooms. According to report from Tech Crunch, the famous short form video platforms teamed up with atmosphere, a firm that creates content to play in...

...the background, whether you're eating, relaxing at a hotel or waiting in line. Atmosphere already provides material Taco Bell Texas, Roadhouse, Burger King and even Mane K allowing customers to choose from various channels to fit their needs. Tick Tock will have a channel dedicated to the platforms handpicked content, whether it's from Youtube or take talk. Atmosphere essentially repurposes the videos. It collects and then eliminates the audio, replaces it with music, ads, captions and UPLOADS IT to a channel's video stream. Atmosphere of painsformation from producers and negotiates an agreement. It receives part of its content for freezer. Company effectively supports creators by playing their movies public spaces. Google buys see amplify, Siem plify, see amplify, a cloud secure aready firm, five hundred million dollars. According to chronicle, Google's five hundred million dollar acquisition of the Israeli based startups, the amplify is intended to boost the companies own cloud security initiative. Google described as the amplify as a security orchestration, automation and response. So soare a firm...

...and a blog post announcing transaction, and hopes to integrate its features into chronicle. In a blog post. Sanel Podi, the vice president, of Google cus cloud security says see amplify is an easy work bench that enable security teams to both better managed risk and lower the cost of mitigating attacks. See amplify enable security operation center analyst to manage their operations from start to finish, respond to cyber threats quickly and precisely and learn from each analyst interactions. The amplify was found in two thousand and fifteen and has raised a total of fifty eight million dollars in funding so far. According to writers, Google, controlled by Alphabet, grew interested in buying simplify after learning of the Stardust plans for another round of funding. Chronicle will now be merged with the amplify under the Google cloud umbrella. Google's purchase of the Amplifi comes with just a few months after the company announced plan has been more than ten billion dollars over the next five years to boost cyber security in the United States. And another news from around the Internet, SOCAR, a Korean car sharing company, has filed for an initial public offering. So soacar filed for an IPO, which Korean exchange revealed...

...on Wednesday. The specific such as numbers of shares to be offered, in the Ipoh and the price rate are still being worked out. So car has a market capitalization of eight hundred and thirty four billion dollars. Since its establishment in two thousand and eleven, the company has raised over two hundred and seventy five million dollars. So car ceoj Wook Park stated at the businesses press conference in early December that the company wants to introduce a transportation super APP this year to deliver all in one mobility services. And lastly, pay fit, a payroll business, has raised two hundred eighty nine million dollars in funding, making it France's latest Unicorn. So pay fit, a French company, recently and announced the completion of a new two hundred eighty nine million dollar series e financing, just in time for the holidays. The firm has a post money valuation of two point one billion dollars. Following this round, the company has been developing a payroll and HR software as a service platform for small and medium businesses. Pay Fit is only available in a few European countries, but it presently employs over one hundred and Fiftyzero people. Anyways, that's differ today. Hope... enjoyed, if you found value in this. Share this with one other person. They can go subscriber daily business, tech and Finance News, that newsletter dot Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see it's.

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