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Welcome to Roy Overload, the business, tech and finance news letter. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today. Apple is still dominating the tablet market. Telegram is going to let you have thousand person video calls. There's a new German investment fund and their asset composition laws could result in more than four hundred billion dollars flowing into the crypto markets, and a conversational AI start up based out of New York just raised fifteen point five million dollars. All right, let's jump into it. So apple is dominating the tablet market. So on the latest earnings call, apple CEO Tim Cook declared the company has witnessed their most successful June quarter in almost a decade in IPAD sales. According to estimates, apple ship twelve point nine million ipads in Q, Two of two thousand and twenty one, followed by Samsung that chipped eight million galaxy sseeven tablets. The Novo and Amazon took third and fourth with four point seven million and four point three million shipments respectively. Lenovo has its well received lineup of chrome books and chromos tablets, while Amazon is known in the market four...

...fire tablets. Apple refreshed its IPAD are in two thousand and twenty and launched an upgrade a version of the IPAD pro in early two thousand and twenty one. Another product line for Apple to update soon, hopefully, will be the IPAD Mani. Samsung, second in the race, benefit it from its incredible hardware, and then they're really superior o led screens where Samsung lag was. Androids not so brilliant selection of tablet APPs. Telegram is going to start letting over a thousand individuals joined in on a video call. This was announced in a blog post. So telegram is bringing in group video call features allowing up to a thousand people to join and participate, while the limit on the number of participants who can share video from their camera will have to be remained capped at thirty, nine hundred and seventy others can freely join the call and watch. However, this expansion of the limit still appears to be the tip of the iceberg as far as telegrams plans are concerned. The application has declared that...

...it would keep increasing the limit until, quote unquote, all humans on Earth can join one group call and watch. US Yodel and celebration interesting way to put it, but you see where they're trying to go. While announcing the expansion of the limit, telegram also announced some other editions, including high resolution video messages and the ability to expand them, screen sharing for one on one calls, timestamp links and in a couple other smaller features. In crypto news, there is a new German investment fund of Funds Asset Composition Law that could result in more than four hundred are billion dollars they could inflow into the crypto market. So August second, two thousand and twenty one, the German institutional funds will have the provision to hold up to twenty percent of their assets in cryptocurrencies. It appears to be a significant change in the countries fixed investment rule that govern spezzial phones in German or special funds, and Crypto is one of...

...those funds. All of these funds combined manage assets worth two point one trillion dollars at present. That's US close to one point eight trillion dollars euro. What is notable about these funds that they are only accessible to pension funds and ensures, so institutional funds or institutional investors. Although analysts and market experts believe that most of the funds for now, will stay below twenty percent. The provision is still a notable evolution in the German government's approach towards crypto asset investment. As per its blockchain strategy, devised in two thousand and nineteen and then fully realized in two thousand and twenty one, the country has forty four adoption measures to make access to digital assets easier for investors. Germany has also merged as a leading market for Crypto ETPS, or exchange traded product. One reason behind why most funds will start from far below the twenty percent mark is the strict regulatory requirement that the insurers and pension funds have. It will take some time to really strike the right balance between those funds willingness to invest in Crypto...

...assets and the need to stay within the confines of the stringent regulatory framework. In Investment News, a conversational AI start up, Casisto, just raised fifteen and a half million dollars. So it was a series C investment round led by Naples technology ventures and NCR Corporation. The funding round also involved other investors like OAK HC FT, ten coves capital, row capital partners, propel venture partners to Sigma Ventures, Commerce Ventures and Partnership Fund for NYC. Cassisto also has plans to invest these funds in revolutionizing the financial services industry through its digital experience solutions. CASSISTO was founded in two thousand and thirteen. To date they have raised more than sixty seven million dollars in previous funding rounds. They've raised seven million dollars February of two thousand and twenty and a few other smaller rounds before that. The vision of replacing legacy human centric customer service and engagement models.

CONSISTO DEVELOPS AI backed digital assistants customized for the Financial Services Industry. Some of its leading clients include JP Morgan, Td Bank, Emirates, NBD, Standard Chartered and CR and many more. And a few more stories that I found around the web. So unjected, which is an APP for anti VAX or dating, has been removed from the apple APP store. So unjected gain traction as a dating service for anti vaxers. Basically, it was removed for violating guidelines around covid nineteen and misinformation. Soft Bank is funding a semiconductor start up. So Willi Ott the startup that offers a stamp sized chip designed to enable object recognition at scale. Want a two hundred million dollar investment from Japanese billionaire Massa Yoshi Sun via soft bank. And lastly, there is an issue with a fake version of the brave website, which is the website where you...

...can download the brave browser. It's another competitor to chrome or to Fire Fox, but basically a fake website used Google ads to get a fake brave browser to the top of the Google search results. So if you do want to download brave, make sure it is coming from the right spot, because this fake version is spreading a ton of malware. That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed if you found a value in this, share this with your friends, your family, your peers, your co workers. They can go subscribe at Newsletter Ro.

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