20 Bills Under Progress in El Salvador πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» to Create legal framework βš– for Bitcoin Bonds in the Country


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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business that can finance news. I'm Scott declary. This is what's making news today. There are twenty bills in progress and El Salvador to create a legal framework for bitcoin bonds in the country. Robin Hood abused his first ever trade recommendations for NEWBI investors. Platform ticktock test a repost button like twitter for video sharing, and with growth up in institutional adoption, crypto funds attract nine point three billion dollars during two thousand and twenty one total inflows. Let's jump right into it. So first story of the day, I'll Salvador's administration, led by President and I bu Kelly, has prepared twenty laws by a legal framework for issuing bitcoin bonds. January fourth, Treasury Secretary Alejandra Zelaya and formed l Mundo and El Salvador that the laws will contain procedures for issuing securities and cryptocurrencies to assure the sustainability of bitcoin bonds announced November. Two Thousand and twenty first, he stated this is to provide a legal certainty and legal structure to everybody who buys a bitcoin bonds. However, he did not establish a deadline for the legislation submission to the parliamentarian's President Boo Kelly is...

...vowed that the one billion dollar raised from the bond offering will be used to fund the Bitcoin City plan, which provide digital and technology education, entire cities, geothermal energy and sustainable and efficient public transportation. Investors are interested in the bitcoin bond, according to Zelaya, since it provided it's exposure to bitcoin. Has a ten year maturity with a six point five percent interest rate. On January, tech in two thousand and twenty two, president but Coulley tweeted this predictions for two thousand and twenty two that volcano bonds will get over subscribed and bitcoin city will begin the construction. Robin Hood they used its first ever trade recommendations option for NEWBI investors. To Robin it has launched a new experience focused on trading newbies. A company claims that it's personalized stock suggestions might help beginners grasp the technical aspect of trading. If you're a new user with nothing in your investment profile, the investing tab law for you the option to get help with your first investment. Robin Hood will next ask you a series of questions about your financial goals, how long you expect to invest your money and so on. Based on your response is Robin Hood will create a customized portfolio for...

...you that includes that four different exchange traded funds, as well as details on each fund and why Robin Hood chose it for you. You can decide whether or not to invest in the recommend ets after you've evaluated the funds and if you've if you're completely lost when it comes to investing, Robin it is also giving you tours to teach you the ropes of trading software. Will Provide you with quick rundowns on financial technology, as well as some of the key elements. Last year, banking regulators penalized Robin at seventy million dollars for failing to protect investors and supervised trades adequately, and it's feasible that well verified advice will prevent it from making the mistake in the future. It doesn't get it doesn't get much riskier than depending on advice from reddit or discord, so hopefully this will be an improvement. And ticktock TESTA repost button like twittered has for video sharing. So Te Tick Tock has added a repost button that functions similarly to twitters a retweet tool. It's not available for all users yet. Several websites have reported the feature in on December nineteen, the Social Media Strategist, Matt...

N of are tweeted an image of the button for the more videos posted with the repost button will only appear on their friends for you feeds and not in the sharer's profile. Only people who follow each other's feeds will see the video using the repost button. According to reports, the features now being tested with a small group of users. Tick Tock did not respond to request for comment on the feature or how widely it is currently available. Still, the firm set in the statement to tech crunch that it is always thinking about new ways to offer value to the community and expand the tick tock experience. Remember, the comments on shared videos are visible, yet they will vanish if you unshare the video with your mutual's and friends and connection. And with growth seen in two thousand and twenty one crypto funds attracted nine point three billion dollars. So in two thousand and twenty one institutional cryptocurrency fund saw unprecedented inflows as demand for digital astles like bitcoin and theorium increased during a tumultuous and unpredictable bull market. Last year, BITCOIN FUNDS RE received six point three billion dollars in money, while etherium products received over one point four billion. Investors put seven hundred and seventy five million into operated multi asset funds. Thirty seven investment items were introduced...

...compared to the twenty four in the previous year. Notably, the number of CRYPTO assets incorporated in investment products increased to fifteen from nine the year before. As a Monday, grayscale was the most prominent crypto asset manager with forty three point five billion dollars in assets under management. Three IQ ECC group, twenty one shares, purpose and pro shares, where other multibillion dollar asset managers. Despite the extreme volatility, cryptocurrencies have gained mainstream acceptance in two thousand and twenty one, with regular and institutional investors investing. A host of bitcoin exchange traded projects, or BTC exchange trade of products emerged along in the process, including the purpose bitcoin ETF and Canada, which provided immediate exposure to the leading digital currency to North American investors. And another news from around the Internet. China has released APPS for its digital money on the IPHONE android platforms. So China has released a Beta version of an APP that will allow users to save and pay in digital one, or ECN. Why? The People's Bank of China created the digital want to replace banknotes and coins. It is not a cryptocurrency.

The new EC N Y APP is accessible on both the android and apple stores in China. However, it is only available in ten cities anyway. So that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed from value in this. Share this with the one other person they can go subscribe for daily business, Techn Finance News that newsletter dot Roy overloadcom. Have a great day. I'll see. It's a.

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